Aly Piscatelli​

COO, Director of Compliance​

Aly Piscatelli founded Budding Operations on the basis of state compliance regulations and inventory control, including the seed to sale tracking program, METRC. Transferring industry employment experience into employee training, SOP development, and inventory audits, Budding Operations has assisted 25+ licensed facilities nationwide. ​

Some notable accomplishments include decreasing inventory loss 15% through a flower prepacked program in a high-volume storefront, transitioning numerous medical-only locations into duel venue locations and overseeing construction, budget, staff training development, and store opening. In addition, performing Tier 3 cultivation license physical inventory, audits and METRC cleans. Budding Operations also works closely with a network of other consultants and business owners in the cannabis space. This includes project management of operational deployments nationwide, geared toward dispensaries but bringing the inventory control and compliance knowledge to all license types.​ ​

Beginning in 2011, Aly worked as the store manager of Natural Remedies, where she was promoted to operations manager, overseeing compliance at both the grow and store. Duties included employee scheduling, monitoring sales trends, and maintaining compliance with changing State regulations. ​

 In 2013, she accepted a position with Mindful Dispensary, where she would become one of the first duel venue store managers in the state, opening our recreational license in January 2014. At this time, she also navigated the early stage of METRC and increased inventory control laws. By January 2015, she had been promoted to regional manager of Mindful dispensaries, overseeing 5 licenses and 40+ employees across the state. She was responsible for managing sales goals, product fulfilment, and implementing regulatory compliance practices.​

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